Does Your Business Card Sizzle or Fizzle?

Make your business cards sizzle not fizzle.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression – and often your business card is it. Does yours sizzle or fizzle? Your business card is more than a name and number,…it’s a mini business presentation. In an instant it projects an image – and when it comes to your company’s image, “good enough” […]

BRANDING TIP: If You’re Using a Non-Branded Email Address for Your Business, You’re Doing Yourself a Disservice

If you’re using an email address – such as,,,, – for your business, it’s time to make a change. Why advertise for Google or AOL when you can advertise for yourself? A self-branded email (, besides simply reinforcing your brand, itself, also reinforces the legitimacy of your business, is more […]

You Are Amazing.

Click image to download as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

WARNING: Very sappy, but very heartfelt post ahead. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least hundreds of times: we, here at Visage, are privileged to know and work with the best people out there. It’s true. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for you. Yes, YOU […]

Client Kudos | St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

Launched this new website over the holidays for one of our clients. “Thank you sooo much — I think it’s the best website I’ve ever seen!” says Pete of St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin in Dallas, TX. Thank YOU, Pete! And, thanks to Marketing & Media Partners for bringing us in as designers for the site. […]

Introducing Christine Smith – Visage Team Member Extraordinaire

Christine Smith

It’s been a crazy-busy year for Visage – in a wonderful way. But, so crazy-busy that I’m just finally getting a chance to formally introduce our newest Visage team member. Please meet Christine Smith. Christine joined us in August to help facilitate processes for our growing company. As with all small businesses, we worker bees […]

New Wallpaper…for Creativity’s Sake

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Well, March definitely blew right past me…so fast that it’s already mid-April and I’m just now getting you some new eye-candy for your desktop. The theme for this wallpaper is “creativity.” In our world here, at Visage Creative, a creative block is a definite hindrance, to say the least. I admit, I have those moments […]

Speaking of “Visual Marketing”…

Jackie Wheeler of JackieStyle, Image Consultant

Here, at Visage, the saying goes: we’re “passionate about image” – of course, particularly as it applies to visual marketing. Helping our clients to make a great first impression and to present a professional image with visual marketing materials that not only look fabulous but also provide a clear, consistent, and deliberate message is what […]

Look what just blew in…

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… some new art for your computer desktop… for March. March! Can you believe it’s already March?! I continue to be amazed at how fast time flies. It seems I’m constantly remarking with genuine surprise, “I can’t believe it’s already 3 o’clock!” or, “I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!“, or “I can’t believe it’s already […]

February Wallpaper

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It’s February – a month that tends to conjure up images of hearts, cupids, candy and roses. And, it’s definitely matters of the heart that inspired our design for this month’s desktop wallpaper. But, we’re not talking purely romance here. We’re talking about life, in general. We’re talking about following your heart and putting all […]