Social Media: Now That I’m Here, What Do I Say?

Now That I'm Here, What Do I Say?

If you’re new to the world of social media – and believe it or not, you’re not alone – one of the big questions is “Now that I’m here, what do I say?” Even if you’ve been Tweeting and blogging for a while, sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with new content…content that’s relevant […]

Happy New Year!

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I love ringing in the new year. It’s time to celebrate the past year’s triumphs and the new year’s potential. For me, it’s also time for serious reflection and reassessment. What worked for me last year? What didn’t? What should I get rid of? What should I keep? (Literally and figuratively.) We’re stepping into a […]

Green Thumb Gardening Coach

Green Thumb vehicle magnets

A Growing Business Several months ago, we were approached by a potential client (recommended to us by another client, but that’s another story…) seeking assistance in launching and presenting her new business. Jen Kirkpatrick had decided to tap into her passion and years of experience in gardening and horticulture, an entrepreneurial drive, and a love […]

Are “discounts” always valuable?

Unless yours is one of the (very) few businesses that doesn’t need to look for more customers or more work, you no doubt have some sort of plan or strategy in place to bring in new business. Whether it’s as formal a plan as a documented multi-media marketing campaign, or as informal as giving out […]

Good Grammar, Good Spelling, Good Business


These days, it would almost seem that good grammar and spelling has gone out of style. Almost. It’s amazing how many times a day we run across “professional” marketing pieces with blatant grammar and spelling errors. At first blush, perhaps it seems that these faux pas are of no real consequence. But, the truth is, […]

The Career Passion Coach


Catherine Jewell, the Career Passion Coach® and author of New Resume New Career, contacted us recently to discuss the possibility of outsourcing some of her upcoming marketing projects to us. One great conversation later, we were all set to start of with the revamping of her business card. The end result was an extremely pleased […]

Does your job title help you do your job?

Customer Satisfaction Champion

You’ve probably read stories about the psychological studies that have shown that, although at first it seems we smile as a result of being happy, it appears to be more the case that smiling makes us happy. People that are in the business of being on the phone know this – they’re taught to smile […]

Bridge Fitness


Sean Ory, owner/founder of Bridge Fitness, was referred to us by one of our wonderful clients from the Chicago area. Sean just recently relocated from there to Arizona and was looking for some visual marketing help for his in-home personal training business. We went to work to help create a look that reflected Sean’s business […]