Visage: What does that mean, anyway?

If you’re reading this blog post you know that the name of our business is “Visage Creative.” “How did we come up with such an eloquent business name?” you might ask. Our articulate resident IT/Web man and all-around awesome team member, Chris, tells me that he was playing around with the word “visual” when he came up with the name for the company eleven years ago. “Visual…visage…it was a natural progression from one to the other,” he said. “Here at Visage, our business is to make sure our clients succeed and we do that by helping to create the face of their business,” Lori, owner and lead designer, told me. So Visage Creative was born. At least a third of the people we have come in contact with, however, don’t know the word Visage, or how to pronounce it. Go ahead. Say it out loud. I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t rhyme with massage.

vis•age (vi’-zij) n.
1. The face or facial expression of a person. 2. Appearance; aspect

Now that you know how to pronounce the word and what it means, courtesy The American Heritage Dictionary, try using it in a sentence. I’ll go first: “We helped replace the conservative and somewhat-staid visage of their website with something truly vibrant and exciting.”